Hip Replacement Recovery & Rehap Exercise #3 of 10 Hip Replacement Exercises Series

The leg abduction exercises are some of the first exercises a patient should perform and are able to do while going through the hip replacement surgery recovery. Really, don’t you think it is vital to focus some attention on the muscles around the hip because these body tissues were the most damaged after the surgery […]

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How to do Walking Exercise as Hip Replacement Recovery Exercise #4 of 10 Exercises Series

After a total hip replacement surgery, if you are like most people, a walking exercise for a smooth hip replacement recovery is one important part of the primary goal in your recovery and rehabilitation process. That objective is to get strong enough fast so you can get around on your own. It was at the […]

How to do Ankle Swirl Exercise #2 of 10 Exercises Series Smooth Total Hip Replacement Recovery

When you are full of pain after your hip replacement surgery and you are collapsed in bed, what do you think about? You might dwell totally on the pain, of course. You might ask the question of what other choice is there? If it’s the pain that dominates your entire world and universe, it does […]

Hip Replacement Recovery & Rehab Breathing Exercise #1 of 10 Hip Strengthening Exercises

Are you just doing some advance preparation of breathing exercise for your hip replacement surgery recovery or are you lying in bed after getting home from the hospital? Are you in pain with every step and looking forward to your surgery (even though you know that the surgery itself will also be painful)? Or are […]

Exercise #7 of Hip Replacement Recovery – Hip Strengthening Exercise at Door Frame

Most of the hip replacement recovery exercises can be performed at home and without any need of special equipment. Exercise number 7 out of a total of ten exercises for hip replacement rehab also can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Of course, no special pieces of equipment are really needed […]